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Regardless of a customer’s size or location, EspriGas – a provider of gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen and propane – is determined to offer a “one-stop shop” for all gas needs, according to CEO Mike Walsh.

To do so, it focuses on four core values: convenience, cost-effectiveness, reliability and visibility. Regarding convenience and cost-effectiveness, the propane provider utilizes GASpr, a proprietary diagnostic review process.

Mike Walsh


“It helps us analyze our customers’ business operations to manage gas supply costs more efficiently, uncover savings, consolidate procurement and optimize future supply needs,” Walsh says.

For reliability purposes, the provider also uses a supply network, which enables it to offer consistent service to nationwide customers, including those with hard-to-reach locations. In addition, due to its training resources, the provider will help its customers store and utilize propane safely in compliance with National Fire Protection Association rules, along with local and state regulations.

Finally, to ensure customers acquire the visibility they need, EspriGas leverages its customers’ data concerning past usage. It also uses weather forecasts to offer customers further visibility and help them solve service issues, often before they occur.

EspriGas also has an online portal for customers to share data, complete payments and conduct orders in a completely remote, “touchless” fashion, providing security and peace of mind.

“The propane industry continues to evolve and is positioned for growth in 2024,” Walsh says. “As a result, EspriGas is steadily monitoring and analyzing its operations to make sure it’s evolving alongside the industry, in order to support customers every step of the way.”

EspriGas also expresses this passion for supporting others outside the propane industry. Since 2017, the company has sought to advance childhood literacy by increasing second-grade students’ excitement for reading.

Through its EspriGas Literacy Ambassador Program, EspriGas offers students a fun, exciting learning experience while focusing on three states of matter – solids, liquids and gases.

An advocate of child literacy, Walsh co-authored “A Girl Named Matter,” the first book of a series that’ll introduce young readers to the basics of matter, via a young scientist. The book published in January, and all sales proceeds will help fund two child literacy centers – in Atlanta and College Station, Texas.

William Rackley III, former NFL player and illustrator of “A Girl Named Matter,” connects with students through the EspriGas Literacy Ambassador Program. (Photo courtesy of EspriGas)

William Rackley III, former NFL player and illustrator of “A Girl Named Matter,” connects with students through the EspriGas Literacy Ambassador Program. (Photo courtesy of EspriGas)

“For over 20 years, I have taught a class to second graders at Title 1 schools about science,” he says. “I have always had one goal in mind while doing so: to help them become excited about learning. Now I’m striving to help other students become excited about learning too, due to the EspriGas Literacy Ambassador Program.”

As evidence of the program’s success, more than 10,000 children have learned about the importance of reading through science experiments.

“Through the program, we are aiming to raise $150,000 per year for local charities that support children’s literacy,” he adds. “Additionally, we’re interested in teaching science courses to 1,000 students every year.”

Company Profile: EspriGas

Year founded // 1998
Headquarters // Atlanta
Annual gallon sales // 600,000 (includes all gases sold to customers)
Literacy initiative // Since 2017
Online // esprigas.com

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