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Quality Propane puppy truck Humane Society

One cent from every gallon of propane delivered from the “puppy truck” goes toward the Humane Society. Photo courtesy of Quality Propane

A dog is a man’s best friend. Propane retailer Quality Propane takes that sentiment a step further by donating a portion of its gallon sales to rescue animals.

Quality Propane was founded as an oil company in 1990 and branched off into the propane industry in 1992. With locations in Clinton and North Stonington, Connecticut, the company is owned and operated by its third generation.

In 2016, Jonathan Malazzi, owner of Quality Propane, decided he wanted to give back to the community that supported his business throughout the years. He wanted to contribute to a charitable organization and transform a bobtail.

Malazzi, who has six rescue dogs himself, says he always has cared about animals and wanted his business to help them in some way. After considering multiple organizations, Malazzi decided to partner with the Connecticut Humane Society.

“We’ve adopted a couple dogs from them in the past, so I’ve had a great experience with them previous to this and thought, ‘What better way than to give back to a great organization?’” says Malazzi. “They’re run so well; they’re nonprofit. They help people that don’t have a lot of money to pay for vet bills.”

Quality Propane has bought a new bobtail every year for nearly a decade, says Malazzi. When the partnership began with the Humane Society, Quality Propane’s 2016 bobtail was decorated to reflect the company’s involvement with the organization. The bobtail – commonly called the “puppy truck” – reads “Help us help the animals!” and is complete with the Connecticut Humane Society’s logo and a photo of a dog across the side.

Quality Propane donates a penny from every gallon delivered out of that truck to the Humane Society. The company presents a check to the organization every January. To date, the company has donated nearly $18,000.

“I’m very excited to be able to do this every year,” Malazzi says. “The highlight of my winters is to go there with the check and see the tears and the laughter and joy that they get when we give them the check. It’s a really great time.”

The responses to Quality Propane’s philanthropy from customers and employees have been overwhelmingly positive, says Malazzi. He says customers specifically request the “puppy truck” because they want to support the Humane Society.

“We get customers who call us frequently to request to get a delivery from that [truck], called the ‘puppy truck,’” he says. “We have drivers that love to drive it because people often stop and say things to them. We have a huge picture of a dog and ‘Humane Society’ on each side of it, so it’s very visible. People really love it.”

In addition to its donations to the Humane Society, Quality Propane gives back to a neighborhood Little League team, scholarships for local high school students and the Alzheimer’s Society.

“I think it’s important as an owner of a company to portray [giving back] to the employees and know that’s what is important,” Malazzi says. “Obviously, we’re a business and obviously need to make money, but there’s a lot more that a business owner can do and broadcast to people. I know our employees are very excited about everything that we do, and they participate and help out.”


Year founded // 1992
Owners // Jonathan, David and Andrew Malazzi
Headquarters // Clinton, Connecticut
Employees // 41
Bobtails // 15
Transports // 2
Annual gallons // 5.1 million

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