Market research shows builders and renovators are key industry targets

December 1, 2007 By    

The latest research by Harris Interactive on how best to market propane to the general public suggests a deeper focus on homebuilders and on the residential consumer who will be renovating and building new homes in the future.

Here are four strategic imperatives and actions they say are vital to future success:

  1. Educate builder on value of propane in the context of comfort and long-term value – the personal relevance for the builder is a satisfied customer.
  2. To the extent you communicate with homeowners it needs to be closely aligned with the builder effort.
  3. Articulate the positive experience users have and transfer that to non-users.
  4. Get consumers who have propane as an option to ask the right questions:
    • Which energy source provides warm, consistent heat?
    • Which energy source adds value to my home?
    • Which energy source will provide lasting comfort for my home?
    • Which energy source will give me more for my money?
    • Which energy source is better for the environment?
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