Marshall Excelsior releases new bypass valve

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Image courtesy of Marshall Excelsior

Versa-Fill bypass valves, by Marshall Excelsior, are designed to protect pumps from damage due to excessive pressure while providing flow, adjustability, versatility and performance of the pumping system. Versa-Fill has three settings and functions: normal bypass, auxiliary suction evacuation/self-load and small cylinder/forklift-filling. Normal bypass mode pushes pump output to the hose end delivery nozzle while protecting the pump if the nozzle is closed during delivery. Auxiliary suction evacuation/self-loading mode allows for all pump flow to be diverted through a full port flow control valve, permitting the pump suction inlet to be utilized for tank evacuation or self-loading without secondary manual load loop-piping. Small cylinder/forklift-fill has a fully adjustable proportional flow control valve, allowing a portion of flow from the pump to be diverted back to the tank to reduce flow rates at the hose end delivery nozzle. This allows for safe and accurate small cylinder fills, Marshall Excelsior says.

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