MFE Inspection Solutions camera detects gas leaks

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MFE Inspection Solutions’ MFE hand-held optical gas imaging camera allows operators to visualize harmful gas leaks in real time and take immediate action. The hand-held device features a 640 x 512 HOT mid-wave infrared camera core and sources its power from a 70-watt-hour rechargeable battery handle. The camera’s hand-held functionality allows operators to hone in on targeted areas while also taking advantage of the 640 sensor to survey the whole scene and capture a defined plume from a vantage point at a distance. The camera targets infrared wavelengths absorbed by gases, including methane, propane and butane, and produces real-time visuals that would otherwise be invisible. By identifying the size, movement and direction of a gas leak, operators can assess the danger quickly, get operators and staff out of harm’s way and repair the leak.

Photo courtesy of MFE

Photo courtesy of MFE Inspection Solutions

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