Monitoring solutions designed for harsh conditions

March 15, 2017 By    

wesroc-products-240x260WESROC is a monitoring solutions company. We are veteran owned and our monitoring equipment is manufactured in the USA and is the industry leader using cellular units, satellite and the IoT. With over 30 years of experience in telecommunications and electronics, WESROC’s in-house engineering staff consistently advances our solutions and products to the latest technology available. WESROC’s powerful host software is easy to use and provides WESROC’s customers with accurate information and seamless integration with their back-office platform to provide increased delivery efficiency. WESROC equipment is rugged and designed to withstand and operate in the harshest weather conditions. In addition to monitoring tank levels of propane, refined liquid fuels, anhydrous ammonia, water and oxygen, our advanced systems can monitor and report on other vital systems like temperature, power failures, generators, CO2 and burner lockout. WESROC provides unmatched tech support, customer service and solutions that fulfill our customers’ needs.

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