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New tank monitor bolsters communication capability

January 25, 2017 By    

lpg0117_products_nascorp-tank-monitor-240x260InSite/NASCorp says its fourth-generation SkyTracker remote tank monitor, SkyTracker IV with a dealer data recovery system, is ready for market, sold to commercial energy distributors, governments and militaries. The launch builds on the company’s original direct-to-low-Earth-orbital-satellite remote tank and SmartHome monitoring system. According to the company, the new product features – in addition to interfaces with usual mechanical float gauges – an interface through which dealers have the ability to monitor bulk products via a capacitance gauge; a cellular modem option that will offer all of the patented firmware and software reporting of the satellite model plus two-way communication so an end-user tank can receive updates or a dealer can modify reporting functions such as low-fuel notices, tank percentage drops and/or parameters for out-of-ordinary events not consistent with an end-user’s history; and an optional GPS modem for tank tracking and route management. The distributor can access this option directly or through the company’s API for industry accounting providers. Through these features, a tank with a SkyTracker can communicate with users even more, now sending alerts if a tank is moved, the company notes. In addition, SkyTracker IV’s consumption billing program relies on the system’s temperature probe that delivers on-site degree-day records, Julian day logs and temperature compensation.

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