Parafour micro-controller mounts to filling scales

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Parafour’s ParaSCALE Lite-SL micro-controller mounts to standard Fairbanks filling scales and prevents overfilling with a positive flow stop when full. Installation and calibration take about 30 minutes and do not affect scale operation, says Parafour. The ParaSCALE can be installed in most cabinet-style dispensers, and custom kits are available. Users adjust the scale as for a normal cylinder fill operation, place the cylinder on the scale, connect the nozzle, touch the key point with the operator wrist lanyard key, and open the fill valve. Once the scale tips at the set weight, the scale turns off the motor and/or closes a flow control valve, turning on a “fill complete” indicator lamp. The lamp will remain on until ready to start a new fill or when the standby timeout is reached.

Photo courtesy of Parafour

Photo courtesy of Parafour

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