Pennsylvania awards $2 million for cleaner fuel vehicle projects

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The state of Pennsylvania awarded more than $2.1 million in 2019 Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants (AFIGs) to 18 cleaner fuel vehicle projects in Pennsylvania, including six for propane, aimed to improve air quality and public health, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We’re committed to helping Pennsylvanians breathe cleaner air at school, in their neighborhoods, and at their workplaces and to reducing climate change by putting more cleaner fuel vehicles in use around the state,” says Patrick McDonnell, secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Eighteen vehicle replacement projects, located in 13 counties, will put 82 cleaner fuel vehicles in use. They’re expected to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 1,349 metric tons per year.

The AFIG Program supports replacement of older gasoline- or diesel-fueled vehicles with cleaner fuel vehicles and fueling stations for these vehicles to reduce emissions of harmful pollutants, including carbon monoxide, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide.

Electric, ethanol, biodiesel, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied propane gas and other cleaner fuels are supported. Local governments, schools, businesses and organizations may apply for the grants. DEP administers the AFIG Program under the Pennsylvania Alternative Fuels Incentive Act of 2004.


• Duquesne Light Co.: $20,000 to retrofit four pick-up trucks with a plug-in hybrid electric drive system.
• Noble Environmental: $300,000 to purchase eight CNG garbage trucks.


• ProGas: $6,500 to replace a gasoline vehicle with a propane vehicle and train six new technicians to perform propane conversions.


• Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority: $59,823 for two CNG recycling trucks.


• Crawford Area Transportation Authority: $290,000 for eight propane and three CNG vehicles.
• Northwestern Rural Electric Cooperative Association: $7,500 for an electric vehicle.


• Haverford Township: $7,500 for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.
• Radnor Township School District: $42,500 to purchase five propane school buses.


• 3M Transport: $14,500 for a bi-fuel CNG vehicle.


• Lehigh University: $15,000 for two electric vehicles.


• Bradford Area School District: $19,000 for two propane school buses.


• Tri-County Industries: $300,000 for eight CNG waste collection vehicles.


• United Parcel Service: $300,000 to purchase 12 CNG tractors for use at its Willow Grove facility.


• AAA Club Alliance: $17,335 for a propane tow vehicle.
• Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development: $7,500 to lease an electric vehicle.


• Seven Springs Mountain Resort: $87,000 for five propane shuttle buses.


• Noble Environmental: $300,000 for eight CNG garbage trucks.
• United Parcel Service: $300,000 to purchase 12 CNG tractors for use at its New Stanton facility.

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