PERC, IIS partner on engine aimed at multiple markets

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As today’s agricultural and industrial markets face new challenges, the need for customized engines, time and cost-saving techniques, and improved monitoring control is unprecedented.

Agricultural producers and irrigation customers can utilize the new engines. Photo courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council

Agricultural producers and irrigation customers can utilize the new engines. Photo courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council

To that end, Industrial-Irrigation Services (IIS) recognized a need for more propane-powered agricultural and industrial engines, which led the team to launch the Reliable Horsepower engine line.

IIS partnered with the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) and Woodward Inc. – an independent design, manufacturer and service provider of energy and optimization solutions for agricultural and industrial markets – to evaluate the current industry standards and engine market and to explore improvement opportunities. The team began developing a set of engines aimed to fill these gaps in the market.

Customized engines for various applications

Reliable Horsepower can be utilized for a variety of applications. The line features five different engine displacements, with additional engine sizes and options forthcoming. The line currently offers EPA-certified 5.7-liter, 6.2-liter, 8-liter, 9.1-liter and 10.3-liter sizes, and includes propane-dedicated engines, pipeline natural gas engines, bi-fuel engines and engines that can run on a wide Btu range of wellhead or field gas.

“We recognized a gap in the market and decided the best way to solve it was to develop and launch our own set of engines that address many of the common issues our customers were facing,” says Jay Canada, IIS vice president of sales and engineering. “Different customers and markets have varying concerns and needs for their engines, so with this new line, we’ve really worked to focus in on the particular needs of several key industrial engine markets.”

Raising the bar on performance and efficiency

Reliable Horsepower engines feature improved reliability, new standards in fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance and downtime, and a complete electronic fuel control system for simplified monitoring and control.

The fuel control system eliminates several of the historically high failure rate service parts associated with previous engine systems, increasing customer uptime, convenience and overall user-friendliness.

Agricultural producers and irrigation customers can pair these added features and benefits with better fuel economy and the ability to remotely monitor engines via the complete electronics system, solving many of the issues those customers face.

“When you take the engine features and couple them with our new fuel system technology, in-house engineering experience and full customer support, it all adds up to a positive customer experience second to none in the industry,” Canada says.

Unique benefits and features

Reliable Horsepower engines feature base engine advantages, some of which include advanced design valve-trains, hydraulic roller valve lifters, higher compression ratios for improved horsepower and performance, and integrated piston oilers for cooler engine operation and longevity.

Producers interested in a propane-powered or spark-ignited engine package or generator set, as well as oil and gas application and power generation customers, would benefit most from the Reliable Horsepower engine line.

For more information about the engines available for agricultural and industrial use, visit the Propane Education & Research Council’s agriculture-focused webpage at

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