PERC seeks comments on forklift engine development project

March 10, 2015 By    

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) needs comments from members of the propane industry and public on its 3- to 6-ton forklift engine development project. PERC is requesting to use $2 million on the project. The project proposal can be viewed online.

According to PERC, the popular GM 3.0-liter engine is going out of production at the end of the year, leaving lift truck OEMs “scrambling” to evaluate new options. This creates an opening in the market for new propane powertrains. PERC plans to partner with Power Solutions International Inc. to develop and commercialize a propane engine focused on mobile industrial applications as a replacement to the Tier 4 diesel and electrified products in the 3- to 6-ton fork truck market, if plans move forward on this $5 million project proposal. PERC reports the forklift market is a “core” market because it offers year-round demand for propane.

Comments are due by April 8.

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