PERC seeks new opportunities through Propane Challenge

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Who is up to the Propane Challenge?

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), meeting in April in Atlanta, approved a $2.5 million Propane Challenge initiative, an innovation catalyst that is designed to inspire the best and brightest researchers in companies, universities and laboratories to develop new ways to deliver and use propane.

The best technology-based ideas that the council receives can earn research funding and have a chance to win the Propane Exceptional Energy award for the most innovative and meaningful contributions to the propane industry. The Nexight Group and Bader Rutter are working with PERC on the project.

Researchers can learn about the council’s search for breakthrough innovations in 13 priority areas and submit their ideas by visiting the website

The council also approved funding for the following projects, with amount and principal contractor:

Research and development
■ $2.5 million to Nexight Group and Bader Rutter for the Propane Challenge
■ $400,000 to Onyx Environmental Solutions to develop and certify six Subaru-based propane engines for use in construction equipment and power products

Safety and training
■ $500,000 to PERC for 2011 trade shows and conferences, with a focus on training construction professionals
■ $340,730 to PERC to create a training program for people who install, operate and maintain vehicles that run on propane autogas and off-road equipment powered by propane-fueled engines
■ $200,000 to Miller Brooks to develop and implement a communications strategy that helps propel the overarching objectives of PERC
■ $151,000 to PERC for an online survey that tracks the attitudes of consumers and builders in residential and commercial applications
■ $136,670 to PERC for a preliminary review of current best practices concerning the measurement and benefits of safety and training programs

Approved by the president
(since the last meeting)

■ $89,000 to PERC to update a study on the economic impact that the propane industry has on the overall U.S. economy and the state economies in which propane is produced, distributed and consumed
■ $86,750 to PERC for 2011 consumer safety outreach, with upgrades to the website and post consumer safety research workshops
■ $15,000 to PERC to lower the business operating costs for companies selling propane through a cylinder exchange program

State rebates
■ $3,469.58 to Colorado PERC for the printing of tank locator decals that enhance propane tank and first responder safety

The council will next meet on July 13-14 in Portland, Ore.

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