Pipe and cable locator identifies unmarked utility lines

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The Pipehorn pipe and cable locator helps installers and service technicians identify suspected but unmarked utilities; find their own lines; verify others’ marks; and check for the presence of unknown lines before digging to tee, tap or repair. Pipehorn provides propane operators with the flexibility to locate with or without a direct connection. Furthermore, the Pipehorn Model 800HL provides two tools in one, according to the company. The low-frequency option helps to isolate lines in congested areas. The high-frequency selection can be used to trace damaged tracer wire and perform the Pipehorn Safety Sweep. Pipehorn is accurate, simple to use, rugged and affordable, helping operators to save time, protect property and increase safety, says Pipehorn.

Photo courtesy of Pipehorn _ pipe and cable locator

Photo courtesy of Pipehorn

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