Compressors are for applications needing maximum leakage control

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Corken has two new T-Style compressors, the model T791 and T891, which are oil-free machines designed for applications that require maximum leakage control. Each piston rod has three sets of packing that form two distinct distance pieces or barriers to the atmosphere. Since each distance piece has its own line connections that can be separately pressurized, purged, padded and/or vented, the T-Style offers a wide range of flexibility for controlling external leakage. Purge kits with all of the accessories needed to purge each barrier are available. With the appropriate purging accessories, the T-Style machine is virtually leak proof. The T791 is a two-stage compressor with a working pressure of 615 psia, while the T891 is a single-stage compressor with a working pressure of 465 psia. Both are double-acting machines with piston displacement just over 100 cfm. Various mounting options are available.

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