Little training required to use delivery processing software

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ADD Systems (Advanced Digital Data Inc.) rolled out more than 900 RAVEN units in 134 Suburban Propane customer service centers across the country, the companies announced. RAVEN (Remote Access Vehicle Extended Network) is a handheld computer used by companies to automate delivery information and billing. The entire delivery process – from pumping fuel to accepting payments and adding charges to printing the invoice – can be processed with the touch-sensitive, point-of-sale computer software system. In addition to the time saved with up-to-the-minute processing, the software is easy to use, resulting in minimal driver training time as well as minimal vehicle installation time, the company says. With the Raven, delivery processing starts with the first delivery, on location, rather than at the end of the day, back at the office. When the driver returns to the office, a simple upload procedure transfers delivery details to the main office computer, where all deliveries can be posted automatically. For more information, visit

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