Hose breakaway system protects LPG piping

August 10, 2011 By    

Smart-Hose Technologies, manufacturer of industrial safety hose assemblies, offers the Smart-Hose Breakaway System. The Smart-Hose Breakaway is designed to work in conjunction with the Smart-Hose safety system and has been engineered with a break point to protect LPG piping from the dangerous effects associated with drive-away accidents. The 360-degree breakaway is designed with rugged shock-proof annular seals and a built-in bumper. Equipped with schedule 80 316 SS fittings and custom-engineered break points, the Smart-Hose Breakaway meets 5 to 1 burst specifications. Available in 2-inch male NPT or female NPT, it is designed to reduce plant and tank truck hard pipe damage associated with drive-away incidents.

For more information, visit www.smarthose.com.

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