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Propane industry technology to improve efficiencies

April 3, 2024 By    

The companies investing in this special section share the latest advances in propane industry technologies and explain how they can improve the efficiencies of your operations.

Image: ADD Systems

Comprehensive propane software solutions

ADD Systems provides comprehensive back-office and mobile technology solutions for the propane industry. With a focus on efficiency and profitability, ADD helps clients grow and provide exceptional customer service without increasing staff. A one-stop enterprise information system, ADD’s products cover all aspects of your business: accounting, inventory, delivery, service, data analysis and much more, with complete integration to maximize efficiency. Clients’ gains in operational efficiency are matched by their ability to provide an enhanced customer experience. With automatic and on-demand texts and emails, customers stay informed and loyal. ADD’s continuously evolving solutions come from over 50 years of partnership with clients and commitment to the success of 20,000-plus users across North America. Visit our website to start maximizing your efficiency and profitability today.


Image: Anova

Advanced tank monitoring features for 2024

Anova’s UTM (Universal Tank Monitor) now has an expected 20-year battery life and communicates universally to cellular networks while also being able to connect to two unaffiliated tanks. Other new features include use in all bulk propane plant applications, cylinder cage inventory, jurisdictional metered systems and all refined fuel applications, along with a C1D1 certification standard in each UTM. Anova’s advanced platform, called Unify, combines the power of IoT and AI to bring customers the most advanced suite of analytical tools within the market. Unify houses all of your Anova monitors while also being able to house third-party inventory level data, providing Anova customers “one central point of truth” for all of their tank monitoring population. Unify uses algorithms to learn from the collected tank monitoring data, resulting in more efficient delivery schedules, advanced understanding of volumes delivered, stops saved and the ability to drill down for a view of a bobtail’s efficiency. Contact us at or 866-493-7762.


Logo: AWE

Wireless solutions aid operations

Since its founding in 1974, Automated Wireless Environments Inc. (AWE) has maintained focus on consistently creating software and technology solutions for the propane and fuel oil energy industries. Our solutions increase operational efficiency, enhance productivity and, most importantly, help to increase revenues and decrease operational costs. Both the AWD Wireless Delivery and AWS Wireless Service systems introduce Android-supported computer hardware such as hand-held computers, tablets and smartphones to send and receive mission-critical data in real time. Experience the flexibility and scalability of the Wireless Point of Sale systems, integrated with the feature-rich and portable Android system. The robust AWE Notifications module keeps your customers updated to pricing, estimated time of delivery, service calls and more. AWE specializes in the integration of its client’s enterprise systems with AWE’s state-of-the-art suite of wireless POS software products, including Fleet Refueling, Route Manager, Automatic Vehicle Locator, Metered Delivery, Field Service and Packaged Goods, creating a true wireless environment with real-time connectivity to the field force. AWE’s unique approach to integration allows the AWE software to interact with many different IT platforms, including AWE’s E-System Enterprise Module to allow for a seamless data flow between systems.


Ultrasonic meters use static measurement technology instead of mechanical parts. (Photo courtesy of Bergquist Inc.)

Ultrasonic smart meter allows remote shutoff capability

The ultrasonic smart meter from Cavagna Group uses a static-measurement technology that does not include any moving mechanical components that wear out over time. It features an innovative, high-performance ultrasonic sensor designed to accurately measure propane volume. The smart meter’s step-motor valve allows the flow of gas to be shut off remotely. The step-motor valve is located after the gas inlet. Remote shutoff capability eliminates the need to physically send a service technician to enter the property of the end user and manually shut off gas flow. Usage data from the smart meter communicates to you remotely (either cellular LTE or LoRa), allowing you to provide and deliver a reliable, quality product efficiently and accurately while maximizing overall storage capacity.


Image: Cargas

The software and support you deserve

Cargas Energy is leading software for fuel delivery and HVAC service companies. Energy companies deserve user-friendly software supported by an award-winning customer service team and a development team passionate about innovation. Cargas Energy users enjoy seamless communication between the back office and drivers, embedded credit card processing and integrations with some of the top solutions on the market – including CRMs, tank monitors, customer portals, accounting tools and more. Plus, Cargas Energy’s customer-focused development team keeps up with the latest industry trends and brings the best new features straight to your software. Discover how Cargas Energy can fuel your business today.


Logo: Ditech Testing

Excellence, innovation and speed

As a premium refurbisher/recertifier of propane cylinders and tanks, Ditech provides our clients with industry leading services, innovation, quality and the fastest turnaround times. Guaranteed. At Ditech we continue to set “the standard” in the refurbishing industry. Our continued growth is fueled by our commitment to providing our clients with solutions to help them reduce costs by saving depreciating assets and delivering them on time, throughout their demographic territories, hassle free. We are a cut above the rest and our dedication to our customers – large or small – has no boundaries.


Image: Energy Tech Solutions

Fuel software user-friendly and affordable

Energy Tech Solutions offers a premier software package for fuel companies. We believe technology should be affordable, so if you’re interested in back-office software that is everything you need at a price that won’t break the bank, then look no further. Our office AR program is sleek, cloud-based, easy to use and works in tandem with a mobile app for use in your delivery and service trucks. Routing has never been so easy. Simply create and optimize routes in the office from open delivery orders on a digital map, and send them to your drivers’ tablets. The mobile app gets you to your destination and immediately relays new invoices to the office upon completion. Contracts, parts/liquid inventory, QuickBooks Online integration, POS, credit card processing, customized reports, email transactions, an online customer portal and more come with our 24/7 customer service. We love customer feedback; if there’s a feature you need, please request it. Customer suggestions are what drive us to continuously create a better product.


Image: Gray, Gray & Gray

‘Right size’ your propane management software

As your propane business grows, your basic financial software is no longer adequate to meet your expanding needs. Now is the time to “right size” your financial management software with Sage Intacct enterprise software from Gray, Gray & Gray. Sage Intacct includes everything you need to gain efficiencies, scale easily and equip your business with the tools it needs to continue to thrive. You can analyze workflows to identify bottlenecks and pain points, access more detailed reporting, gain real-time data visibility and improve cash flow management. All fully implemented with the help of Gray, Gray & Gray, the propane industry’s most trusted consulting and accounting firm. Call Marty Kirshner at 781-407-0300.


Photo: Lock America

Innovative security solutions ensure autofill contract compliance

For more than 40 years, Lock America has developed, manufactured and marketed high security locks and hardware for security-focused businesses. Its propane fill valve locks prevent a customer from shopping around for a competitor when the customer has a delinquent account or when prices are low. This secure lock system maintains the supplier autofill network by ensuring that customers cannot undercut their contracts by using another supplier. Lock America’s outlet POLocks protect a supplier from potential liability by making it difficult to tamper with or disconnect a line. Lock America provides each customer with their own unique key code for its tank lock and other security locks, delivering convenience and efficiency along with security.


Logo: Mopeka

With tank monitors, accuracy is everything

At Mopeka, we design and develop sonar tank monitoring solutions – the most accurate, reliable and connected tank monitoring available in the market. We cater to the intricate needs of both pressurized and non-pressurized tanks, spanning from modest residential 20-pound grills and RV tanks to colossal industrial behemoths exceeding 90,000 gallons in capacity. In addition, our liquid transportation industry solution will assist all firms with their on-the-road deliveries, load maximization and DOT compliance. We adhere to the highest standards, leveraging advanced sonar technology to provide real-time, highly accurate level readings consistently. Additionally, you tap into our expert team and global partner network. We offer a comprehensive range of services: Seamless wireless, mobile and satellite communications; cloud-based software for remote tank level management from any internet-connected device integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS); all telemetry is independent of existing mechanical tank gauges (no matter their condition) to ensure accuracy. At Mopeka, we live by the creed “Accuracy Above Everything,” ensuring that your volume management is streamlined, accurate and optimized.


Image: Otodata

Affordable tank monitoring solution

Otodata’s goal has always been to produce a monitor with an exceptionally low cost of ownership – making large-scale implementation affordable for all fuel resellers. Benefits include very precise and reliable data, leading battery life, unlimited reports and alerts, dual SIM for maximum coverage, compatibility with all tanks and software, free online dashboard and branded mobile app, quick and easy installation, and designed with your ROI in mind. Start testing free today.


Image: One-Tank

Observe the One-Tank advantage

  • Satellite coverage: Works everywhere
  • Customer service: USA-based support
  • Virtual usage metering: Interactive reporting
  • Increased safety: Immediate event notifications
  • Add storage without adding steel: Access field storage


Logo: Taurus Systems Inc.

Back-office software design and support

For over 30 years, Taurus Systems has been designing and supporting back-office software for the propane, fuel oil and service industries. When you purchase our software, you’ll be getting a state-of-the-art SQL relational database and a dedicated support team with decades of experience who will be with you as your business grows. We work closely with our new customers to ensure a smooth implementation, setting your business up for long-term success. Taurus Systems is easy to learn and use. We have solutions for credit cards, emailing, delivery scheduling, web portals, mobile truck, POS, document storage and more. We can even do custom programming to meet your evolving needs.


Image: RCC

Providing an excellent user experience

At Rural Computer Consultants Inc. (RCC), we are staying ahead of the user experience curve with the release of RCC’s version 10, or v10. Features include visual aids, dark mode with true watermarking, strategic color combinations and more. RCC has been actively listening to our customers’ feedback since the late 1970s with an impressive and longstanding commitment to meeting their needs. RCC finds this essential for any technology company to evolve with the times, and incorporate it into the development process. Whether it’s the Customer Hub, Dispatch Manager, MOGO or any combination of our back-office solutions, RCC will continue to provide an excellent user experience with software and our support. Please contact today to schedule a demo and see what everyone is talking about.


Image: Worthington Enterprises

SmartLid®: Easier and more reliable tank monitoring

The Worthington Enterprises SmartLid makes remote tank monitoring easier and more reliable for your entire fleet. Designed with the fuel technician in mind, SmartLid is the only integrated lid and monitor solution for both vertical and horizontal tanks. Featuring Otodata’s tank monitoring technology, SmartLid ensures consistent and accurate placement of the monitor, easy installation, durable protection and optimal coverage while concealing and protecting components from external factors in the field. Each SmartLid monitor includes dual SIMs and dual cellular technologies for a broader and more reliable signal, the longest battery life in the industry and a user-friendly app delivering real-time data. Now offering hardware-as-a-service. Learn how SmartLid can transform your fleet.


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