Propane Personality: Allan Degenhardt

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Photo courtesy of Allan Degenhardt

Photo courtesy of Allan Degenhardt

Allan Degenhardt


June 2004-Present
Propane Resources LLC

July 2016-Present
⦁ Sales and Consultant Executive

June 2004-July 2016
⦁ Sales Professional

Transitioning to the propane industry

Prior to beginning his career in the propane industry in 2004, Degenhardt served as a general manager at a country club in Blue Springs, Missouri, and as a manager at Las Vegas’ Excalibur Hotel and Casino. Although he enjoyed both jobs’ responsibilities and day-by-day excitement, he began to seek something different: consistency. And he found exactly that in the propane industry.

“I wanted to sell something that wouldn’t change, regardless of market trends. If a professional is searching for work in an industry they can rely on for decades to come, I highly recommend the propane industry to them.”

Current responsibilities

As a sales and consultant executive at Propane Resources, Degenhardt oversees risk management, sales and consulting for a variety of customers throughout the U.S. Presently, he serves more than 50 propane companies.

A brotherhood

As Degenhardt reflects on his past two decades in the propane industry, he’s particularly excited about the friendships he has developed.

“There are a lot of great people in our industry. For example, I met a few of my best friends through the industry, as they’re also my customers. We often talk to each other at least once a week about anything and everything, as our industry is truly a brotherhood.”

A steady necessity

Degenhardt believes one fact about the propane industry remains unchanged and likely always will: the energy market is a necessity.

“There are few industries that provide customers essentials. Since the propane industry does, it will continuously require humans’ talents and involvement, despite society’s ever-increasing technological advancements.”

Photo courtesy of Allan Degenhardt

Degenhardt, right, with a fellow volunteer who helps him distribute handwarmers. (Photo courtesy of Allan Degenhardt)

Assisting the homeless

When Degenhardt isn’t working, he’s often focusing on one of his primary passions, Handwarmers for the Homeless. Founded by Degenhardt in October 2014, the nonprofit strives to provide warmth to individuals who need it the most in Kansas City, Missouri.

During the past five years, Degenhardt has given out more than 10,000 handwarmers each winter. He also has teamed up with three nonprofits – Taking it to the Streets, The Salvation Army and Uplift Organization Inc.

“I provide handwarmers to these nonprofits, which they then distribute to the homeless, particularly those who can’t go to homeless shelters. They not only save fingers and toes but possibly even lives as well. They’ve even saved my life in a way, too, as I’ve learned to be more grateful for everything I have, enjoy each day to the fullest and always work to the best of my abilities.”

Volunteering and gratitude

Aside from Handwarmers for the Homeless, Degenhardt is also involved with The BeFriender Ministry, which he has assisted for 18 years. As a branch of the Catholic Church, the ministry offers a listening presence to those in need.

“I recommend everyone in the propane industry volunteer more often, as we all need to develop a little more gratitude. My gratitude has increased considerably since I first volunteered, and I’m sure many other professionals’ gratitude will also increase. Without gratitude, the extraordinary – nice homes, cars and vacations – will become ordinary, as we’ll simply take them for granted after a while.”


Away from work and volunteer service, Degenhardt enjoys his faith, as he participates in various church activities. A family man, he loves spending time with his wife, Joany, and three children, whether they’re fellowshipping, traveling or simply enjoying Kansas City Chiefs football together.

“I have a newborn grandson, too, who I can’t wait to see become a future Chiefs fan and cheer them on in more Super Bowls!”

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