Propane Personality: Amanda Bacon

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Amanda Bacon

Amanda Bacon
Founder, Savvi Strategies


Plymouth State University
Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Communications
Class of 2004

Work Experience

January 2020-Present
Savvi Strategies

Lamprey Energy
Division Director

Palmer Gas & Oil
Director of Marketing & Communications

enVellop Communications
Owner, Chief Visibility Officer

North Hampton Business Association
Executive Director

Lamprey Bros.
Director of Sales/Marketing & Public Relations

Irving Oil
Community Relations

Why did you decide to pursue a career in the propane industry?

“Once I was in, I quickly realized it would be pretty hard to get out of because I just fell in love with the people and all the aspects of it. What I love about the propane and energy industry is that it’s such a global business, but it has such a local aspect to it. Most companies, at least around me, are family-run, multi-generational and hard-working people. It’s usually your neighbors that are the ones in charge of your home, fixing your equipment or selling your tanks, and I just really love that aspect.”

Launching Savvi Strategies

“I really wanted to do something for me that I felt really passionate about. Knowing the industry as well as I do, I think that the propane industry is a little bit behind on the marketing in terms of how we’re dealing with consumers and how we’re talking to them. I know I can help there. Also, one of the things that I’m really excited to start working on with propane companies is helping them to bring their company culture up to where it needs to be today to continue to attract a younger generation into the workforce.”

What’s the best part of your job?

“My favorite part of my current job is helping energy companies with their strategic marketing plans, to reach their customers using today’s resources. I also don’t work for any of my clients’ competitors, so it gives my clients a unique opportunity so their marketing isn’t the same as their competitors’. The part of my job that makes me the happiest is helping companies create a culture that makes their employees happy and excited about going to work, because happy employees make happy customers.”

The industry’s future

“I think some of the things that we’re all looking for is more of a work-life balance, which comes back to company culture. I think that technological advances are going to be huge and we’re going to be able to share things with the customers about what we’ve done to their propane systems – [things] that we haven’t even thought of yet – in a very easy-to-do manner, which is going to help elevate some retailers over others.”


“We traveled a lot pre-COVID, and since that’s been put on hold, we are spending time with our 6-year-old daughter, and we just got a new puppy; his name is Dog Dog. We are currently undergoing major home renovations, so we just opened our pool and are looking forward to pool days. Also, I recently got engaged, so we are planning our wedding and honeymoon.”

Amanda Bacon and family

When she’s not working, Bacon enjoys traveling with her fiance, Kevin, and her 6-year-old daughter, Ella.

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