Propane Personality: Jennifer Jackson

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Headshot: Jennifer Jackson


Jennifer Jackson
Region Director, AmeriGas

Work Experience

July 2020-Present
⦁ Region Director
⦁ Area Director

⦁Regional Vice President
⦁ Area Manager

Service Center General Manager

AmeriGas region director responsibilities

“I [cover] the state of Indiana and Illinois and part of Wisconsin. We have different layers of managers and field employees that we are driving strategic direction down through to improve our customer experience [and] our efficiencies. It’s really exciting.”

Why did you return to the industry after a two-year hiatus?

“There are so many great mentors in this industry. It’s very different from any other industry with NPGA and the way it brings together not only different companies but vendors and the whole industry from every aspect – from supply and from sales. It’s unlike any other industry I’ve ever seen. [It’s] very, very family-oriented. It was something that I just felt like I was always going to be drawn back into.”

Named chair of Women in Propane

Jackson has been involved in leadership roles in Women in Propane (WIP) since 2018. She served as the project manager of WIP’s Knowledge Exchange program from 2018 through 2019. Late last year, she was named as chair of WIP for 2020.

“[Being named chair was] very humbling, very exciting. The opportunity to be more involved than I was on the Knowledge Exchange was exciting. It’s one of those things that it’s a limited amount of time and you have 50 million ideas of what you’d like to do. It’s exciting, and I have an amazing group of leaders from all over the industry that are part of our committees. Nancy Coop is our founder and she is just a wonderful person to work with. Getting to be around all these inspirational people is wonderful. It’s one of the best parts of being in this industry.”

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

“I’m very proud of the work that we’re doing with Women in Propane. Becoming the chair of Women in Propane this past year was exciting for me. We put such great programs in place. I [also] became a certified trainer for the DiSC Assessment Trainings that WIP has provided at the last three Southeast Propane Expos. We are now transitioning that amazing program to a virtual experience so that companies throughout the industry that want to do this training with their employees have the option of doing it virtually on their own time, which I think is great. [It’s] definitely cost-saving, not having to put out the travel cost, so our ability to do that has been great. COVID in itself has enabled us to look more to technology and what we can do with it to still be present and offer some of these amazing programs, possibly to people that can’t travel and aren’t going to the expos, different types of meetings or state associations.”


“I love to travel. I was supposed to go to Greece this year. I love spending time with my teenage daughter. She is my mini-me. I oil paint; that’s something I learned in high school and carried with me throughout life. I like to read, and I like anything outdoors.”

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When Jackson is not working, she enjoys traveling
and being outdoors. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Jackson

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