Propane Personality: LP Gas Job’s Jim Stein

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Headshot: Jim Stein, LP Gas Jobs


Jim Stein
Founder, LP Gas Jobs


University of Phoenix
Bachelor’s in Management
Master’s in Management and Organizational Development


Bobtail Driver/Service Tech
Jackson, California

District Manager
Paradise, California

HR Manager
Western Region

Region Manager
Oregon and Washington

What’s important

⦁ Being an example to our two boys
⦁ Having a relationship with the Lord
⦁ Being helpful to others and treating people with respect

Attracting military veterans

“We have two full-time recruiters who conduct a specialized search nationwide, identifying applicants with a military background. As a result, we introduce veterans to the gas marketers we work with, highlighting the skills and experience they’ve received from their military training. These are excellent candidates that would have otherwise been overlooked.”

Attracting the younger generations

“We need more trade schools that specialize in propane applications, just like trade schools specializing in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.”


Snow skiing, mountain biking, cooking and fixing stuff in his shop


Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico; married to wife and business partner, Diana; two boys, Grant and Gavin; resides in Bend, Oregon

What motivated you to start LP Gas Jobs?

“While working as the human resources manager at AmeriGas, my expertise was in personnel development and management recruiting. Having learned the propane business from the bottom up, I recognized a need for our industry, placing key people in critical positions, relative to each individual’s skills, experience, qualifications and industry background.”

“Every single day, we conduct our business as a kind of ‘ministry of helping people’ find their dream job – while at the same time helping the gas marketers fill their employment needs.”

Popular positions

Bobtail drivers and service technicians are posted most often on the job board, followed by management and sales.

Employment benefits

“The thing that’s frustrating: You get guys coming out of college and settling for 15 to 18 bucks an hour. With a bobtail driver, the wages have come up some, in the $18 to $22 range, with full benefits, 401(k) and career advancement opportunities. A service tech, $20 to $25, with upwards of maybe even 30 bucks an hour in the Northeast. Those are some decent wages.”

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