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M. Douglas Dagan Suburban Propane


M. Douglas Dagan
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives – Renewable Energy
Suburban Propane Partners


Yale University
Master’s degree in environmental management, Class of 2013
Vermont Law School
Master’s degree in energy law and policy, and a Juris Doctor degree in environmental law, Class of 2013
Middlebury College
Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and environmental studies, Class of 2002

Work Experience

March 2021-Present
Suburban Propane Partners
⦁ Vice President, Strategic Initiatives – Renewable Energy
BMG Strategies
⦁ Director, Public Affairs and
Government Relations
Bevan, Mosca & Giuditta, P.C.
⦁ Senior Associate – Energy Law
The Law Office of M. Douglas Dagan
⦁ Attorney and General Counsel
United Nations
⦁ Adviser and Advocate
⦁ Prior experience, including environmental analyst

How has your background in both chemistry and energy law prepared you for your role?

“Having the benefit of the analytical mindset of a chemist and the critical reasoning skills of an energy attorney allow me to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and address problems in a way that works across verticals and accounts for the technical, functional, policy and practical elements of effective solutions.”

Prior to Suburban Propane

Dagan joined Suburban Propane after spending the past two decades advising public and private entities on all aspects of renewable energy projects, advocating for environmental and clean energy policies, and supporting climate change initiatives. He has worked in private practice and with state, national and international organizations, including the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Photo courtesy of M. Douglas Dagan

When he’s not working, Dagan likes to travel. Photo courtesy of M. Douglas Dagan

What are your current responsibilities?

“I am one of the leaders of our Go Green with Suburban Propane core corporate pillar. In addition to advocating for the low-carbon and clean-air benefits of traditional propane, I am responsible for supporting our long-term strategic growth and diversification initiatives through the identification, analysis and execution of transformative acquisitions, strategic partnerships and investments in renewable energy opportunities.”

The production of renewable propane

“Just as traditional propane production is a byproduct of traditional refining, renewable propane production is a byproduct of renewable refining. Renewable refining is still a relatively small but growing industry; therefore, the production of renewable propane is also a small but growing market. The commercial availability of renewable propane is contingent on the ability of renewable refineries to optimize their production process for the production of renewable propane, and their ability to sell renewable propane as an end product instead of using it as an in-house energy source.”

The future of renewable propane

“When additional states beyond the West Coast take up low carbon fuel standards as a way to lower transportation sector carbon emissions, we will see an uptick in demand for low carbon renewable propane. And, as decarbonization moves to the residential and commercial sectors for heating and cooking, we will see even greater demand for renewable propane. New demand will also come from new customers who are motivated to choose the lowest carbon option for meeting their transportation and home energy needs.”

What goals do you have for the company?

“In the near term, my goal is to continue this proud legacy while growing the adoption of clean, traditional propane as a way to drive down carbon emissions, and to support the company’s continued innovation in developing the next generation of even cleaner and lower carbon products including: renewable propane, rDME (renewable dimethyl ether) and other innovative, renewable fuels. In the long term, my goal is to ensure Suburban Propane’s ability to thrive in a carbon-constrained world by safely providing satisfied customers with carbon-free and carbon-negative renewable energy for the next 90 years.”


“In my free time, I enjoy skiing, going to the theater and traveling.”

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