Propane Personality: Michael Ferrari

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Michael Ferrari
Youth Council Co-Chair, World LPG Association

Work Experience

World LPG Association
⦁ Youth Council Co-Chair

Suburban Propane
⦁ CSC Manager

⦁ AVP Branch Manager

Suburban Propane
⦁ CSC Manager
⦁ Manager in Development

Harbor Community Bank
⦁ Branch Manager

Fifth Third Bank
⦁ Financial Center Manager

Florida Community Bank
⦁ Branch Manager
⦁ Customer Service Representative

Wells Fargo
⦁ Personal Banker

Wells Fargo Financial
⦁ Credit Manager


Daytona State College
Bachelor of Applied Science, Supervision and Management
Class of 2009

The World LPG Association’s (WLPGA) Youth Council

“The Youth Council was formed in an effort to combat what I call the ‘retirement and recruitment epidemic.’ It’s really a two-fold problem where we’ve got a workforce that’s retiring and taking years of experience and industry knowledge with this aging workforce, and then combined with the fact that we’re struggling to bring in new top talent because of the lack of appearance and excitement around the LP industry. So the Youth Council was brought together by the Communications & Advocacy Group at the WLPGA. We make up 30 different companies across 20 different countries. There’s roughly 50 of us – half male, half female – and it’s really a tremendous group. I’m so blown away by the amount of talent we have.”

Joining the propane industry

“I got into this business by chance. It was a wonderful opportunity that came available. I was in finance for 10 years and was laid off very suddenly when my organization was doing a merger and acquisition. I had hired a woman that worked for me who, subsequently, her husband was in the industry. And she said: ‘Mike, you’ve really got to talk to my husband about the propane industry. I know, you may not know much, but it’s been great to our family. It’s created a lot of opportunity.’

“He and I met, and he introduced me to my now boss, and it’s been the single best life-changing moment. I couldn’t be more excited that I was laid off in that moment because this industry has been wonderful to me and to my family. They have really rallied behind me in times where I’ve needed it most [and] given me leadership opportunities that may have never come in any other business or line of work.”

Ferrari enjoys spending time with his family and dogs when he is not working. photo courtesy of Michael Ferrari

Ferrari enjoys spending time with his family and dogs when he is not working. (Photo courtesy of Michael Ferrari)

Role at Suburban Propane

“I am an area manager for Suburban’s customer service centers. I’ve got five locations that I run, covering all of northeast Florida. We have a team of about 20 between drivers and service techs and customer service. And we service roughly 7,200 customers – commercial, residential, agricultural. My job with Suburban is simply to oversee the entire operation, bring talent into the business, drive a culture that is synonymous with Suburban’s name and their long history, and really just make sure that we are living up to the core values and expectations of the company.”

What do you hope members gain through the council?

“Really, my hope is that they find some more passion and excitement in the business. They find ways to bring other people into the industry. And these people that are in the council, like I mentioned, are extremely talented, so at some point, they’re going to be the leaders of our business. The amount of networking and partnerships that have already happened through this council in just a short amount of time has been tremendous. I hope people gain lifelong partnerships and friends also through this and, someday, you’ve got those relationships to really leverage and count on.”


“I have a 9-year-old boy, so I coach his flag football team. That’s a lot of fun. And he just started collecting baseball cards. I collected them when I was younger, so now that’s our thing. I love to play golf. I love to fish and spend time with my dog, a German shepherd.”

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