Propane Personality: Nick Virchow

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Nick Virchow

Nick Virchow

President, International Association of Young Gassers; Regional Solutions Manager, Anova


June 2018-Present
Regional Solutions Manager

January 2014-June 2018
Account Manager

United States Realty
January 2010-January 2014
Managing Partner, Sales and Marketing Strategist

Getting involved with Young Gassers

During his first year of employment with Anova, Virchow was invited to attend the Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo.

After the expo’s second day, he decided to attend the International Association of Young Gassers Inc. (Young Gassers) reception and “was blown away.”

“So many of my peers, customers, prospects, vendors and marketers were all socializing together. I was hooked after that first event and pestered everyone I could to receive more information about Young Gassers, as well as how I could become involved.”

Evolving into the world’s largest energy provider

While looking ahead, Virchow believes the propane industry can “evolve into one of the world’s largest – if not the largest – energy providers.”

“The industry has the right leadership internally to fight the good fight, and it’s barely scratched the surface of its capabilities. I’m excited for what’s to come!”

Virchow enjoys his first LP Gas Hall of Fame dinner with Dustin Kaiser of Allied Propane Service. (Photo courtesy of Nick Virchow)

Virchow enjoys his first LP Gas Hall of Fame dinner with Dustin Kaiser of Allied Propane Service. (Photo courtesy of Nick Virchow)

Hitting a home run

To implement his upcoming goals, Virchow needed to find “the right people.” As proven by Young Gassers’ new board members, he’s done exactly that, leading him to stress that the organization has “hit a home run” for talent acquisition. “Not to mention, our veteran members have the experience, knowledge and network to knock down any hurdles we may encounter.”

Listen, listen and listen

A member of NPGA’s Young Professionals Council too, Virchow advises young propane industry professionals to listen to their more experienced peers and learn from them. “I once heard the following quote: ‘Knowledge is knowing history well; wisdom is learning from it.’ Wisdom is rampant in the propane industry. Listen to those who have learned from it!”

Now is the time to join Young Gassers

“By far the best thing I did for my career and personal life was getting involved with the Young Gassers. If you’re looking to become involved – and have an interest in marketing, writing or just a large appetite for propane industry outreach – give me a shout because Young Gassers is preparing to expand big time.”

Preparing for Young Gassers’ bright future

As Virchow looks ahead to the future, he’s focused on Young Gassers’ four new committees, which will be implemented by 2025. Each committee will be chaired by a board member and potentially managed by propane professionals who aren’t Young Gasser board members – at least not yet.

“Additionally, we have a few ideas for recognition in the propane industry. We also want to implement a forum or some blogs. We have some of the most influential and educated leaders on our board, so we’d like to share that knowledge while also learning from other propane professionals. For instance, Jim Renaldo will be running our ‘History of Propane’ blog very soon.”

Shifting from member to leader

Four years after attending his first Young Gassers event, Virchow became president of the organization. Simply put, this opportunity may have never arisen without the efforts of Young Gassers’ past president, Jim Renaldo.

A mentor of Virchow’s for years, Renaldo personally asked him if he’d be interested in serving. From there, Virchow shared various ideas he had for the organization, particularly regarding its marketing initiatives, ticketing process and website.

In January 2024, board members Jim Rushing and Boyd McGathey began to reach out to marketing, ticketing and website experts, leading to three new additions to its board of directors: Nathan McShinsky (vice president), Evan Meier (officer) and Rachel Wendt (secretary).

“Every change that’s occurring – or is about to occur – is directly tied to Jim, along with our board members’ and officers’ incredible efforts.”


Virchow spends much of his free time outside, fishing and hunting. (Photo courtesy of Nick Virchow.)

Virchow spends much of his free time outside, fishing and hunting. (Photo courtesy of Nick Virchow)

When Virchow isn’t serving Anova, Young Gassers or the Young Professionals Council, he’s often competing in jiu-jitsu, a self-defense martial art and combat sport. Or he’ll likely be found outside, relishing Mother Nature and fishing or hunting.

“I’m sorry to all the propane marketers out there, but during the winter, I spend a lot of time hunting deer and elk. If I don’t always answer my phone at that time, I hope you’ll forgive me.”

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