Propane Personality: William Van Hoy

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William Van Hoy

Van Hoy

William Van Hoy
Executive Director, Texas Propane Gas Association (TPGA)


Texas State University
Bachelor’s Degree in Judicial Studies

Work Experience

Texas Propane Gas Association
⦁ Executive Director
Randolf Engineering
⦁ Manager
⦁ District Manager
U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
U.S. Marine Corps
⦁ Active Duty

What are some notable changes in the industry that you’ve witnessed since becoming TPGA’s executive director nearly two decades ago?

“I often look back at the association’s vast library of both magazines and minutes from years ago. I find it fascinating to review the issues that this new industry faced while growing.

“Companies would often have very small footprints in the early days. At one time, there were well over 700 named companies registered in Texas. I’d guess the majority had one, maybe two bobtails. I’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of acquisitions and expansion periods, followed by stability. Texas has both family-owned companies and multi-state marketers.

“Companies have adapted to technology that enables them to improve efficiencies tremendously. Tank monitors alone are a real game-changer. Back-office integrated software is another great improvement. There is a place for everyone in this industry, and I enjoy seeing a new startup grind it out finding an area of Texas that can accommodate growth, and they are willing to put in the effort.”

It’s been a year since Winter Storm Uri hit the state and left many Texans without power. Have there been any discussions of using propane as a source for backup generators since then?

PPhoto: Gabriel Cano/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Winter Storm Uri left much of Texas without power in February 2021, and there has been an uptick in demand for propane-fueled generators in the state since. Photo: Gabriel Cano/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

“Texas has its own electrical grid, and although we’re tied into it in a couple of spots, we don’t utilize electricity from other grids. That’s worked out fine up until this point where we didn’t have the ability to access other electricity from other grids.

“I know, for both propane and natural gas generators, with the amount of those generators people are requesting in their homes, they have been backed up for six months trying to either get them installed or just get the generators to install them. There’s way more of a demand than there is a supply right now, both in labor and in the product themselves, here in Texas.”

Propane’s place in the future

“I see real potential for the industry. I’m not in the camp of doomsday for hydrocarbons. There will be a place for propane far into the future. PERC (the Propane Education & Research Council) and NPGA (the National Propane Gas Association) are really doing great things promoting propane with an emphasis on renewable propane – which to most, sounds so far-fetched, as it did when I first heard about it. To remain in the future energy conversations, every industry must have a renewable component. At the same time, the industry must continue to educate the public on the benefits of good-ole C3H8 propane as an energy source.”

How did your time in the U.S. Marine Corps prepare you for your current role?

“My job was on a crew-served helicopter, and I found it fascinating that the young Marines that were on the crew – they were 18 and 19 years old, maybe 20 – and their responsibilities there were literally life and death for the crew itself and the folks that were flying with us. They had every bit as much responsibility as I did. And I think to appreciate that and to allow them to do their thing prepared me for how I like to lead now. It’s to just make sure they know what the objective is. The door’s always open if people want to bounce things off of me, and I go in and do the same with them.”

Sports loyalties

“Well, I’m a default Aggie due to my kid attending Texas A&M. If you haven’t witnessed firsthand an Aggie football game, I suggest you do. Living in Austin, I root for the underdog: Texas Longhorns.”


“I enjoy working around my old house and traveling with my family when I get a chance. I am an avid motorcyclist with a couple of dirt bikes and street bikes to play around on.”

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