Propane reflections: Introduce yourself as a propane leader

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Aaron Huizenga

In days of old, there were proper introductions:

Trumpets sound and the court herald announces: “Here is ‘so and so,’ first of their name, lord of the land over there, purveyor of peace in his realm,” and so on.

Now when we introduce ourselves, it is: “Hi, my name is Aaron; I am with Lakes Gas; pleased to meet you.”

When did it happen that we forewent all of our accomplishments for social grace?

If you could write your own moniker, what would you say about yourself as a person, as a leader?

Maybe it would sound something like this: “I am Jim, leader to the best of my ability, lifelong learner, captain of my ship, earner of profits, controller of expenses and grower of people.”

Wouldn’t that be way more fun at a reception? Why did we leave that space? Too self-absorbed? Socially sterilized?

Be proud of who you are. Be thankful for your wisdom and the battle-worn scars you wear.

You be you. You earned it. The long hours. The training and classes. The conversations and the coaching. Maybe through mentoring and discussions about where you started and where you are now.

This is the first of many conversations between you and me, so I thought it best to formally introduce myself as the creator of the content that I sincerely hope you enjoy.

My name is Aaron Huizenga. I have been in a leadership role for the last 27 years.

It has been an amazing journey with plenty of ups and downs, moving from the construction industry to the packaged gas sector, and then to find my true home in the propane industry. When I say my true home, I say it without reservation.

This industry is composed of some of the most genuine, the most intelligent and most dedicated group of “real” people ever assembled. As an industry, we truly care about the people we serve, our communities and those around us in our companies.

It has been nearly three decades being responsible for more than myself, both at work and at home. Over those years, I have been the tyrant and the intimidator, the pushover and the mentor. With each step, each lesson. Then all the books, lectures, blogs and classes … I get a little better each time.

Let’s work on your upgrade.

Aaron Huizenga is East Division manager for Lakes Gas in Wisconsin. Reach him at

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