Quiz: How safe are your propane operations?

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How well are you protecting your company against the most common legal perils? Find out by taking this quiz. Give yourself 10 points for each “Yes” answer. Then total your points to assess your success.

⦁ Do you conduct real-world scenario training with CSRs?

⦁ Are proper procedures in place for calls reporting gas odors?

⦁ Are proper procedures in place for out-of-gas calls?

⦁ Do you give materials from PERC to customers?

⦁ Are leak checks done at appropriate times?

⦁ Are tank monitors and other electronic devices being used?

⦁ Do drivers and technicians create written documentation of all activities?

⦁ Do employees take photos of all installations and repair work?

⦁ Do employees always work to code?

⦁ Are new employees given special training?

What’s your score?

Over 80: You are addressing many of the most common issues that spark costly lawsuits.
Between 60 and 80: Time to fine-tune your practices.
Below 60: It’s a good idea to regear by instituting ideas from the Propane Safety Summit highlighted here.

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