Regenerative turbine pumps provide high volume flow rates

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Ebsray Pumps’ HiFlow series regenerative turbine pump provides high volume flow rates of up to 600 liters per minute for propane, liquefied petroleum gas, butane and autogas applications. The HiFlow series includes the R75, R77, R80 and R82 models. The R75 and R77 are large truck transport pumps that feature a 3-in. inlet port flange, 2-in. discharge port and a 2-in. auxiliary inlet port. The R80 and R82 models are base mounted for large volume fluid transfer. With a compact footprint and simple design, these single-stage pumps are easy to repair in the field and feature only one wear component – the mechanical seal, according to the company. These pumps also feature 3-in. porting on both inlet and discharge ports. All HiFlow series models operate within the 2,100 to 3,500 rpm speed range.

Photo courtesy of Ebsray Pumps

Photo courtesy of Ebsray Pumps

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