Robot cranes for efficiency and safety

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[SPONSORED CONTENT] Improve productivity with a crane that easily and quickly folds and unfolds. Your team will be more efficient and confident in this operation when setting and servicing propane tanks. From the crane remote control your service technicians will use one-lever operation to engage the Hiab semi-automatic folding crane feature to fold and unfold the crane.

This robot feature of the Hiab crane eliminates the worry of the operator of damaging the crane, the cab or surroundings. To improve performance combine this crane feature with other safety features such as 360-degree cameras on trucks, ground lighting to improve footing when working in minimal light, and sound signals for truck positioning. Improving safety of operations at the job site will result in more confidence and efficiency of technicians for better results. Expect more with Fisk.

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This video is sponsored content by Fisk Tank.

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