Rust treatment now available in quart, gallon jugs

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Bust That Rust, a synthetic penetrating oil engineered by Fluoramics to break through rust, is now available in two additional forms of packaging. Originally available only as an aerosol, it is now also available in 32 fluid-ounce quart (946 mL) and 128 fluid-ounce gallon (3.78 L) jugs. Its spreading action allows the penetrant to soak deep into and beyond the areas to which it is applied. Solvent free, it will not evaporate, and it lubricates while breaking through existing rust. The product also will help prevent new rust from forming. Bust That Rust can be used on nuts and bolts, areas of interfacial assembly, padlocks, shafts, lug nuts, flanges, hinges and other rusted metal parts.

Photo courtesy of Fluoramics

Photo courtesy of Fluoramics

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