Second-stage regulators incorporate dielectric insulation

February 3, 2021 By    

The Cavagna Group’s 998LP-82 Kosan+ Guardian second-stage regulators incorporate dielectric insulation, with no need for separate dielectric unions. In addition, the 998LP-82 has a 0.5-in. male flare connector installed into the inlet. The connector is installed at the factory and is designed to prevent over-torqueing when installing the connection fitting into the inlet at time of installation. The second-stage regulator reduces the inlet pressure (10 to 5 psi) from the first-stage regulator to the outlet pressure of 11-in. W.C. The product has to be used outdoors in a correct mounting position with the vent turned downwards. The standard version of this regulator is delivered with the vent in line with the inlet fitting. Bergquist is due to receive the regulators at its distribution center in Toledo, Ohio, in early 2021.

Photo courtesy of Bergquist/Cavagna Group_ second-stage regulators

Photo courtesy of Bergquist/Cavagna Group

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