Sliding vane pump features higher flow rate

July 14, 2021 By    

Blackmer’s TLGLF3HD sliding vane pump is now available. Developed as a flange-mounted truck pump, TLGLF3HD pumps include the same features as the TLGLF3 sliding vane pump with an increased flow rate of 60-201 gallons per minute, 55 percent greater than the TLGLF3. This higher flow rate makes the TLGLF3HD pump ideal for high-capacity bobtails tasked with making high-volume deliveries to residential farms and commercial customers, says Blackmer. Available in a 3-in. model, the pump offers a maximum differential pressure of 125 psi (8.62 bar) and can be driven by a PTO shaft or a hydraulic motor using an adapter kit. The pumps are equipped with a double-ended drive shaft for clockwise or counterclockwise rotation by changing the pump position, and an auxiliary intake port that can be used for emergency unloading of another tank or transport.

Photo courtesy of Blackmer_ sliding vane pump

Photo courtesy of Blackmer

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