SmartLid: The Universal Tank Monitoring Solution

September 1, 2022 By    

[SPONSORED CONTENT] The Worthington Industries SmartLid featuring Otodata’s® industry-leading tank monitoring technology extends to all tanks in your fleet. Designed with the technician in mind, the SmartLid ensures consistent and accurate placement of the Otodata monitor, offering easy installation, durable protection and optimal coverage. Each SmartLid monitor includes dual SIM, and dual CAT-M and NBIOT cellular technologies, enabling a broader and more reliable cellular coverage for accurate readings, the longest battery life in the industry (20+ years), and a user-friendly app delivering real-time data.

The full line of SmartLid monitoring solutions is available for vertical and horizontal above-ground tanks as well as underground horizontal tanks. Make your tank monitoring solution easier and more reliable. Scale your fleet easily with our NEW Hardware-as-a-Service program.

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This video is sponsored content by Worthington Industries.

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