Sponsored content by Hannah ReelsDistributing flammable and hazardous liquids in any type of environment can be a difficult task. Your operation depends upon heavy-duty equipment you can trust to maximize safety and productivity. A poorly designed hose and reel might put workers at risk.

Rugged and reliable construction

Whether it’s for home delivery vehicles or fueling station applications, it’s important to have hose and reel systems that are created specifically for LP gas delivery. Hannay Reels are custom-built to dispense gas, propane and other hazardous materials. Plus, they’re made from resilient materials like aluminum and stainless steel to prevent contamination and corrosion.

The industry’s most trusted reel

Hannay set the standard for LP gas reels back in 1933, and we continue to improve upon our products and innovate to give industry professionals the tools they need to get the job done safely. The right reel can make a big difference in the efficiency of your operation.

Tough reels for tough conditions

The need for propane is highest when conditions are usually at their worst, but you can’t afford to allow the weather to slow you down. A reel that is affected by rust or corrosion from rain, sleet and snow can make it much more difficult to distribute propane. Worn down components are a major factor in delayed deliveries. When you can count on your reel, you can spend more time focusing on other elements of your business.

The SBPBGMB/SBPBGMT Series LP gas reels are constructed with polished aluminum for a lightweight, corrosion-resistant design. For Hannay, the split bronze bearing on the inlet side of our reels is now standard, so it’s no longer necessary to remove the swivel joint to replace the bearing. Replacement can be completed in the field in just a matter of minutes. Those are moments when workers truly appreciate a custom-built reel.

Enhanced hose control

Working with harmful materials makes it even more important for operators to have proper hose handling, as mistakes can spell disaster. It also helps to have a reel capable of automatic rewind to speed up deliveries and increase the number of locations you can service on a given day.

Hannay is always striving to improve operator safety. Our custom-designed LP gas reel is equipped with Guidemaster® to give operators maximum control over the hose, with increased mobility. Guidemaster® allows operators to pull a hose out and away from the deck in any direction. The pivot pin in the Guidemaster® is supported by ball bearings, which allows for smooth side-to-side motion when handling the hose. And, because a controlled recoil is important in LP gas delivery, there’s an explosion-proof rewind control integrated right into the handle. Operators spend less time and energy rewinding the hose.

If safety, efficiency, and performance are important to your LP gas operation, consider how important the right reel can be. Contact Hannay Reels at 877-467-3357 for more information about the industry’s original and most trusted reels, or visit Hannay.com.

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