LP Industry Reps LogoNWCAT makes anodes and solves corrosion problems.  We embrace the American Way: hard work, integrity, and innovation. We take anodes seriously.

Anodes are an environmentally friendly, cost effective, corrosion prevention tool. Under certain conditions, one anode bag will protect a UST (underground storage tank) from corrosion for decades. However, not all anodes are created equal.  Poorly made anodes do not effectively protect USTs. NWCAT anodes are engineered to solve all common anode problems.

Northwestern Cathodic LogoAnodes commonly fail where the anode wire connects to the anode assembly. For many years, anode manufacturers “addressed” this weak connection with a disclaimer: “do not carry an anode by the wire”. For team NWCAT, issuing a disclaimer regarding a known failure point is unacceptable. Instead, through thoughtful design and engineering, NWCAT eliminated the anode-to-wire failure point. NWCAT anodes are designed for installers to carry by the wire.

It may surprise readers to learn that non-NWCAT anodes are made with wire that is not direct-burial rated.  NWCAT offers anodes made with direct-burial wire. In fact, all NWCAT’s American Anodes™ are made with direct burial wire.

NWCAT calloutAnother NWCAT innovation is the creation of the American Anode™. For several decades, all magnesium used to make anodes was imported from other countries. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign magnesium supply ceased. In response, we developed patent pending anodes made using American magnesium. This significant innovation provided NWCAT’s distributors uninterrupted access to inventory throughout 2020, 2021, & 2022, and allowed us to create new jobs in American manufacturing.

American Anode

NWCAT anodes are cast to unique standards, in a propriety mold. Our distinct anode shape maximizes anode output, for maximum levels of corrosion protection. Using a distinct shape also allows for easy identification of NWCAT anodes, eliminating possible “mistakes” in production, where sub-par magnesium may “accidentally” be used in place of quality material.

NWCAT anodes are guaranteed. We stand behind our anodes 100%. Should you have a problem with a NWCAT anode, we will replace it. Period.

At our core, NWCAT is a grass-roots, American Manufacturing company. Printed on the walls of each of our facilities are two statements that embody who we are:

At NWCAT, anode bags are not simply a commodity, they are an essential part of propane infrastructure. Each NWCAT anode is manufactured with personal pride by people who care about a job well done.

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For more information about LP Industry Reps, formally GNS Equipment Sales, which has been representing manufacturers in the Propane and Natural Gas industry since 1985, visit www.lpindustryreps.com. Located in the mid-west, LP Industry Reps represents manufacturers across North America and solely sells to wholesalers in the gas distribution channel. Visit their website for a complete list of products and distributors that stock our quality gas products including American Anodes from NWCAT.


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