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Hannay is setting the reel standard.

There’s one reel leading the propane-delivery industry.

Hannay LP Gas reels are handcrafted specifically for fuel-delivery applications—never retrofitted to the job—so you can expect superior fit and function. Hannay offers thousands of standard reels, but if your perfect fit isn’t among them, we can create a custom design for your application. Hannay’s LP Gas reels are available in aluminum, stainless steel, and painted steel for superior protection against contamination and corrosion in sensitive or caustic environments. Whatever your application, when you invest in a Hannay reel, you know you’re getting a product that’s built strong to last long, requires minimal maintenance, and provides a lifetime of value.

A history of protecting what matters most

Since 1933, the fuel, lube, and trucking industries have trusted Hannay reels to dispense gas, water, air, and nitrogen. That’s because of our relentless attention to detail; even with thousands of reels available, we’ll ensure you get the ideal fit for your application. Here’s a look at what Hannay LP Gas reels can offer:

Where Hannay can help

Propane delivery is no small task, and it’s not made any easier when you’re stuck with inefficient equipment. Your LP Gas operation requires heavy-duty equipment that can withstand a wide range of conditions while maintaining top performance. Hannay LP Gas reels are ready to upgrade your operation and can be used in home-delivery vehicles, dispensing systems, fueling stations, and when you’re filling stationary and portable cylinders.

The reel leader in innovation

Hannay set the standard for LP Gas reels in 1933, but that doesn’t mean we’re relying solely on our history. More than 90 years later, we continue to push new boundaries and make improvements to ensure our customers have the right equipment for the job. Here’s how our signature LP Gas reels can improve your operation, right now.

They’re ready for anything. Conditions in peak propane season aren’t the most forgiving—rain, sleet, extreme heat, and snow can quickly wear down and ultimately outlast your equipment. But, with the durability of Hannay, your equipment won’t quit until you do. That’s why the SBPBGMB/SBPBGMT Series LP Gas reels are constructed with polished aluminum offers a lightweight and corrosion-resistant design. Your equipment maintenance can be completed in the field in just a matter of minutes, saving you both time and money.

Smoother operation means safer working conditions. Using a Hannay LP Gas reel equipped with Guidemaster® doesn’t just increase operator safety; it also contributes to greater efficiency on your jobsite. Guidemaster® gives your crew more control over the hose so they can pull it out and away from the deck in any direction. An explosion-proof rewind control, with a weather resistant cover, is integrated right into the handle, cutting down on time and energy otherwise spent manually rewinding the hose and protecting it from the harsh elements.

Find your reel solution with Hannay

Thousands of companies and individual operators depend on Hannay Reels for the highest safety, efficiency, and performance. For more information about our LP Gas reels, contact us at 877-467-3357, or email

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