PHOTO: Worthington IndustriesWith companies nationwide facing an increasingly difficult labor market, it’s more important than ever to have an easy and reliable solution that maximizes your fleet and saves you time and money. Adding a remote tank monitoring system to your operation that is both easy to install and reliable in the field is a quick way to optimize your operations.

Revolutionizing the Remote Tank Monitoring Industry

The Worthington Industries SmartLid is the first of its kind, integrating Otodata®’s industry-leading remote tank monitoring technology into a durable polypropylene lid. The all-in-one system requires no tools and little to no training, priming your technicians for faster installations, on more tanks, with less frustration.

Photo: Worthington Industries

Photo: Worthington Industries

Phil Tonelli, VP of Residential Sales and Services for Cato located in Maryland, says adding SmartLid to his fleet has doubled his team’s efficiency. “With SmartLid, we can load 10 up and bang them out in a day. With the previous monitoring company we were using, if we did four to five in a day, we were doing something.”

That benefit resonates with other propane gas marketers. Nate Rivera, Propane Division Manager at Countryside Fuel located in eastern Pennsylvania, says SmartLid has been a game changer for his fleet. “The guys like them because you can’t mess it up. There is only one way to put it on.”

A Reliable Technology Saving Time and Money

In each SmartLid, the monitor is situated in the top of the lid, shielding it from external elements that may cause damage. Each monitor features dual SIMs, LTE and Cat-M technologies, and automatic cellular and software updates for maximum coverage and the most dependable readings.

“The signal strength on these monitors has exceeded my expectations,” said Rivera. “We’re getting signals and readings in areas where I don’t have cell phone service myself.”

Cut Out Blind Deliveries

In just its first year, SmartLid has helped Cato cut down on regular stops by as many as 50 percent. “Before, if we were stopping four times a year, we’re now going two times a year. On average, that’s saving us $130 a year on just that account,” said Tonelli. As for Countryside, Rivera says they have been able to eliminate as many as eight to 10 deliveries a week, which has allowed them to drop more fuel in fewer stops.

Photo: Worthington

Photo: Worthington Industries

NEW! A Complete Solution

In addition to the SmartLid for 420 tanks, Worthington Industries has developed a SmartLid solution for horizontal above-ground tanks. With the introduction of this new lid, fleets can now have one complete remote tank monitoring solution.

Don’t add extra stress onto your fleets with an overly complicated and unreliable system. Click here to use our ROI calculator to see how SmartLid can help save you time and money.


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