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While tank monitoring has proven to make propane marketers more efficient in managing fleets, deploying technicians and servicing customers—installation and reliability are often the biggest hurdles to full scale implementation.

For many monitors, installation is a complex, multi-step process that requires additional training and tools. That means downtime for your fleet and a disruption to daily operations. Suboptimal placement, poor coverage, damage from weather and failing batteries can render the tank monitor ineffective and can result in costly unscheduled service trips.

Introducing Worthington Industries SmartLid™

Worthington Industries, a global leader in manufacturing pressure cylinders for the propane industry, and Otodata, a leader in tank monitoring technology, have partnered to make tank monitoring easier to implement and more reliable with SmartLid™ – a tank monitoring system that integrates Otodata’s cutting-edge monitoring technology into Worthington’s newly redesigned 420-pound heating tank lid.

Image: Worthington Industries“We met with fuel technicians in the field to get an understanding of what their biggest pain points were with implementing a monitoring system,” said Bobby Weinberg, LPG Product Director for Worthington Industries. “We learned that while monitors can have a positive impact on business, the installation process creates some challenges. We wanted to make monitoring better and were very intentional with the design to ensure a simple and quick installation that isn’t disruptive to daily operations.”

SmartLid takes the guesswork out of proper installation and optimal monitor placement. “By having the monitor already situated in the lid of the tank, you can ensure correct positioning every time,” said Weinberg.

The simplistic design enables fuel technicians to be faster in the field, requires minimal training and is not disruptive to daily operations. Installation can be completed in two simple steps without the use of any tools. Each monitor arrives pre-activated, reducing the headache of a multi-step activation process.

Durable design to protect your investment

SmartLid, an extension of your Worthington tank, is made of strong Polypropylene material that conceals and protects all components underneath the lid from external factors such as adverse weather, rodent interference and tampering. It also includes a lead-routing and clipping system that keeps wires out of the way of technicians dropping fuel, which makes fuel drops easier and helps to prevent cover cuts.


See how quick and easy installing the SmartLid is

Industry-leading technology

The SmartLid monitoring system is equipped with Otodata’s dual SIM and LTE technology, which enables broader cellular coverage. Powered by a hybrid power source, which includes a lithium thionyl chloride battery and super capacitor, SmartLid monitors have the longest battery life in the field. Cellular network and software updates are pushed automatically to each monitor as needed for easier system management.  The Otodata system also integrates with all customer management systems for cohesive reporting.

Don’t add extra stress onto your fleets with an overly complicated and unreliable system. To get more information on the Worthington SmartLid, click here.

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