Superior Energy Systems: Advancing autogas equipment and technology

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[SPONSORED CONTENT] In the last seven years, Superior Energy Systems (SES) has sold more than 1,400 autogas dispensers in North America and added 300 dispensers to their proprietary autogas software network. SES dispensers have received retail certification from the National Type Evaluation Program, and are certified to UL and Measurement Canada standards. Mass flow meters, K15 nozzles, and cloud-based software offer customers accuracy, reliability, safety, and ease of use, creating the ultimate experience.

Through extensive growth, SES continues to expand and develop its autogas refueling technology. New onboard diagnostics offer enhanced service capability and increased reliability with the company’s own, in-house software which does not rely on third-party support. Housed on the cloud, the software allows users access to data such as driver and vehicle identification, vehicle mileage, and gallons pumped at any time. Watch this video for more details on the software system and how SES continues to offer the best in equipment and technology.

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