Texas school district uses grants to expand school bus fleet

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Leander Independent School District in Leander, Texas, added 24 propane-powered school buses to its fleet with the help of grants from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

“The impact of our school bus fleet on the environment is a big concern because many of our community members live in an environmentally sensitive area,” says Ann Hatton, director of transportation for Leander Independent School District. “They appreciate that our school district is adopting a cleaner transportation option in propane.”

The school district, which has operated Blue Bird Corp.’s propane-powered buses since 2008, received $740,000 in funding from TCEQ to purchase the 24 buses.

“Both our propane provider and local Blue Bird dealer have been very active in helping us identify grants,” Hatton says.

The newly acquired buses are equipped with Ford’s 6.8-liter V10 engine and Roush CleanTech’s propane fuel system.

“Leander ISD received grants from both TCEQ and Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance because propane buses reduce harmful emissions around its students, drivers and community,” says Ryan Zic, director of school bus sales for Roush CleanTech. “These buses will also lower the district’s fuel and maintenance costs significantly over their lifetime by operating with domestically-produced propane autogas.”

Thirty percent of Leander Independent School District’s current fleet operates on propane autogas. The district plans to double its number of propane buses over the next five years.

“It is very rewarding to see this school district continue its commitment to adopting propane school buses,” says Mark Terry, chief commercial officer at Blue Bird. “Our No. 1 goal is the safety of the students we transport, and we feel that further reducing emissions achieves this goal.”

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