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The first LP Gas Buyers Guide

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LPG0416_buyers-guide-1944Annual directory launches 3 years after magazine

LP Gas magazine launched its Buyers Guide in February 1944, three years after the magazine’s launch. Originally dubbed the “LP-Gas Buying Guide & Directory,” the issue went to about 2,000 subscribed readers and 3,000 additional LP gas operators.

This new LP-Gas Buying Guide & Directory served as a reference tool for propane retailers. The annual guide showcased products used by the propane retailer, such as meters, burners and valves.

LP Gas organized the directory alphabetically according to product and then manufacturer. Some companies and brand names listed in the original LP-Gas Buying Guide & Directory have come and gone, but several still hold a place in the industry today, such as Fisher, RegO and Rochester Gauges.

Today, the LP Gas Buyers Guide is the only printed and digital buyers guide produced specifically for the propane industry. It has been called the Yellow Pages of the industry because of its extensive listings. For almost all of the magazine’s existence, the guide has served as an annual reference tool for retailers to use year-round.

LPG0416_fisher-archived-adNational pride evident in company messaging

Advertising styles have changed noticeably in the past 75 years. World War II and the promotion of U.S. soldiers seemed an overarching theme in many of the earlier ads featured in LP Gas. In addition, some companies received the Army-Navy “E” award – also known as the Army-Navy Production Award – during World War II for excellence in producing war equipment. Companies that received the award would often integrate the Army-Navy “E” flag in their advertisements. Fisher L.P.G. Regulators and Payneheat, which sold gas furnaces, featured the Army-Navy “E” flag on their ads. Some other companies promoted selling war bonds, such as Roper Gas Ranges.

Online Buyers Guide complements print issue

Visit for the online edition of the Buyers Guide, which is a comprehensive list of products, manufacturers and equipment distributors for the propane industry. Companies that wish to join the list can visit the online Buyers Guide page or reach out to Chloe Scoular, marketing and sales manager for the Buyers Guide, at or call 216-363-7929.

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