Turbine pump features single-stage impeller

May 24, 2017 By    

Blackmer designed the Ebsray RC40 Series regenerative turbine pump to feature a single-stage impeller that provides high performance with low maintenance requirements, the company says. The pump offers increased flow rates and design enhancements that make it ideally suited for liquefied gas applications, including LP gas, autogas, DME, aerosols, industrial refrigerants and liquid carbon dioxide. The C-Face motor bracket of the RC-40 fits NEMA and IEC B5 and B14 motors, while the three-ported design with two discharge ports enables installation flexibility for lower installed cost. The pump comes with ductile-iron pressure retaining parts, and it features maximum differential pressure to 200 psi and maximum flow rates at 52.8 gpm with motor speeds up to 3,500 rpm.

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