Turkey farmer associations calling for federal action on propane supply

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The National Turkey Federation and the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association are coordinating an effort to reach Congress and press for a solution to the propane shortage affecting a number of their members.

“Some of our turkey farmers are delaying shipments of young birds to their farms to save on propane, but that can only be put off for a week or two before it wreaks havoc on the schedules of both the farmers and processing companies,” says Steve Olson, executive director of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, in a press release. “Farmers are working together with suppliers and other farmers to share propane. MTGA, on behalf of Minnesota’s turkey farmers, [is] working with our congressional delegation to ensure that propane supplies do not run out.”

According to a press release, the National Turkey Federation and Minnesota Turkey Growers Association are pressing Congress to identify federal agencies that can help to mitigate the shortage. They are also asking Congress to allow propane transportation via interstate pipelines, highways, rails and waterways, as well as to maintain and expand federal allowances for propane suppliers to deliver increased supplies.

“What is now at the tipping point is the weight of federal response we are encouraging with decisive and effective solutions to move propane to areas of shortage and dire need,” says Joel Brandenberger, president of the National Turkey Federation, in a press release. “High demand and high price are not natural marketplace solutions for unnaturally cold conditions and bleak outlooks for supply.”

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