Two options to check systems for leaks

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LPG1213_products_kochLeak check gauge assemblies incorporate a built-in pressure regulator that controls the pressure to the gauging device. This ensures the procedure for conducting tests is the same for old or new systems. According to Koch and Associates Inc., only one gauge assembly is required with its design. Two basic kits are available. One is a multi-point gauge assembly that’s used with pressure taps at the inlet or outlet of the first-stage regulator, or at the inlet to the second-stage regulator. This multi-point gauge is also used with older systems in which a high-pressure test block is used at the inlet to the first-stage regulator. The second kit is a universal gauge assembly that can be used anywhere in the system, including at the outlet of the second-stage regulator. This second kit can also be used to record the second-stage regulator set point and lock-up pressure.

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Photo: Koch and Associates Inc.

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