Venturo crane control system enhances safety

July 3, 2019 By    
Photo courtesy of Venturo

Photo courtesy of Venturo

Venturo’s VLC crane control management system brings safety, control and reliability to Venturo fully-hydraulic service cranes, says the company. The VLC system features overload protection, a pistol-grip remote controller and visible safety alerts. The alerts are transmitted via an LCD display, transmitter handle vibrations, a green/yellow/red alert light located on the underside of the boom and corresponding lights on the radio receiver. The VLC system’s LCD display also shows percentage of load, boom angle in degrees and percentage of total capacity during crane operation. Vehicle stability is ensured through a grade control function: at less than 4.5 degrees, the crane can operate at full capacity; from 4.5 degrees to 6.5 degrees, all crane functions are reduced to 50 percent; over 6.5 degrees, winch-up, boom-out and boom-down functions are prevented.

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