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Missouri resigns membership on Midwest trade show board

The Missouri Propane Gas Association (MPGA) has resigned its seat on the board of directors of the Midwest Propane Gas Convention & Trade Show, MPGA Executive Director Steven N. Ahrens confirmed.

Ahrens cited increased travel costs of association members as the reason behind Missouri’s decision, which was made at its board meeting July 15. Missouri’s departure leaves Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio as decision makers for the Midwest show. All six states are original members of the board, since the show’s inception 13 years ago in Indianapolis.

“Missouri is the only state not contiguous to the state of Indiana,” Ahrens said. “When we were on the board and looking to expand to other states, like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, we discovered that Pittsburgh and Madison, Wisconsin, are closer to Indianapolis than we are here in Jefferson City.”

In addition to MPGA’s representation on the show’s board, it also would incur costs from having two meetings in Indianapolis – of the association and the Missouri Propane Education & Research Council, Ahrens said. And with MPGA’s board growing to 50 volunteer members, the financial strain of traveling to Indianapolis became too severe.

MPGA members spoke in favor and against the decision to step aside, Ahrens added, but “in the estimation of our board of directors, the cost of being a member is greater than the benefit at this point, since we can still go to the show but not incur the cost of sitting on the board. It was a good fit for a long time, but things are getting squeezed.”

Tim Hendricks, president of the Midwest Propane Gas Convention & Trade Show board of directors, said Missouri’s decision didn’t come as a surprise. MPGA had discussed the issue in the past, he added, and each state has the option to withdraw at any time.

“It’s really not a problem,” Hendricks said. “Attendance has been up every year; this year was very good.”

Asked whether the Midwest show will find a replacement for its board, Hendricks said, “The Midwest has always been open to having other states come in with us. It’s not something we’ve actually pursued, but it is something we will certainly consider if other states show interest.”

Each state in the group is represented on the Midwest show board of directors, in most cases by one marketer and one supplier, and receives one vote, Hendricks explained. All play an active role in developing an agenda and promoting the show.

In the show’s 13 years, each state has realized a total of $362,000 in income, Ahrens said. Over the past five years or so, at the suggestion of exhibitors, the states have put more of their proceeds into the show – a worthwhile investment, he added.

While there has been discussion about rotating the Midwest show into other states, Hendricks foresees the event remaining in Indianapolis past the scheduled 2009 show.

“It’s an ideal city for what we’re doing,” he said. “There are so many pluses there that it’s hard to pull up roots and move somewhere else. It’s very difficult to find another venue comparable for that size show.”

Elster Gas North America

Dan Rosinski has been appointed market segment sales manager for the propane industry. Rosinski will manage and expand the presence in the liquid propane market. This position will drive the Elster Advantage Program by bridging Elster Perfection and Elster American Meter sales in order to focus on customer needs. Rosinski also will be responsible for maintaining and generating new sales for Elster Perfection in the northeast United States territory natural gas market.

Dan Rosinski
Dan Rosinski

Tod Bradley has been appointed senior product manager gas measurement and control systems with a focus on the industrial/commercial market segment for Elster Gas North America’s business unit, Elster American Meter. He will be responsible for driving the commercialization of new products, channel development and the promotion of Elster American Meter industrial/commercial market product families.

Tod Bradley
Tod Bradley


The Propane Education & Research Council announced officers for 2008-09. They are chairman Glenn Saunders, White Mountain Oil & Propane Inc.; vice chairman marketer Joe Armentano, Paraco Gas; vice chairman producer Steve Williams, BP Natural Gas Liquids; treasurer Bill Platz, Delta Liquid Energy; and secretary David Wunch, SemStream L.P.

Alan Marsh
Alan Marsh

Stellar Industries

Alan Marsh has joined the national sales staff for mechanic cranes and service trucks. He will support regional sales managers in championing sales efforts for mechanic trucks and cranes, develop and implement sales training efforts for distribution and help to cultivate new markets in conjunction with regional sales managers.

Modern Home Products (MHP)

Thomas McAleer was promoted to national accounts manager. He will assist with the expansion of all MHP brands and ProFire grills national accounts. McAleer will continue in his role as sales representative for Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

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