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Engineering History

Independent Technologies originally designed the WESROC Payphone Monitor in 1986. It remotely counted the money, routed coin collectors and repair personnel and routinely reported the status of each phone over the telephone network. In 2001, Independent Technologies created a similar application for propane monitoring, the WESROC Propane Monitoring System. The WESROC system is now the industry leader in Propane Tank Monitoring. ITC’s 25+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry and strong engineering expertise has played a huge part in providing reliable remote monitoring systems for many leading propane distributors.

Propane Tank Monitoring

The WESROC Route Management/Remote Monitoring System consists of three major components: Transmitters, Base Units and Host Computer. A benefit of WESROC’s Base Unit includes a digital time readout, indoor temperature and customer on demand tank readings.

Cylinder Tank Cage Monitoring

Running out of propane cylinders is not uncommon. WESROC’s Tank Cage Monitoring System eliminates this problem. When the last row of tanks is unlocked, the Host Computer is notified.

Liquid Fuel Monitors

Liquid Fuel Monitors operate with the same ease and accuracy as propane monitors.


Satellite Monitoring

WESROC’s Satellite monitoring system is unique – as it can monitor up to 16 tanks or transmitters – reducing monthly transmission charges. Other systems require a satellite transmitter for each tank. Our satellite system is recommended for isolated monitoring requirements when no phone lines are available.

Once installed, our Remote Gas Meter Reading system eliminates the necessity of meter reading route. This reduces costly vehicle upkeep and operating expenses. As with propane monitoring, reports are sent and received by the host computer.

Independent Technologies

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