What makes a 2023 LP Gas Top Propane Retailer?

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Top Retailers with Anova logoEach year, we rank the LP Gas Top Propane Retailers by gallon sales.

But this year, we were curious to know: What makes a “Top Propane Retailer” to the leaders whose companies appear in our rankings?

We asked, and they answered:

For Mike Hayden of Indianapolis-based Co-Alliance Cooperative: “A Top Propane Retailer is driven by a culture of safety, consistently reliable and locally accessible. When consumers use propane to heat their homes, businesses and churches, they have expectations that the safety of their property and people on it will be held in highest regard.”

“We view a Top Propane Retailer by how they prioritize customer service and safety while also fostering growth and opportunities for its team members,” says Erica Thornton of Washington-based Christensen Inc. “Additionally, a Top Propane Retailer should proactively identify and implement new technologies and practices to improve their business and stay competitive in the industry.”

“Top Propane Retailers are not only companies that sell a lot of propane but also those who are active in supporting the industry at the state and national level,” says Brad Box of Northern Star Cooperative Services in Minnesota.

“Gallons are obviously huge, but great service and safety are a must,” according to Ray Collins of Nebraska-based Sapp Bros Petroleum Inc.

For DeWayne O’Brien of Montana-based Energy Partners: “Gallons are a great quick look at a company’s size, but what makes a Top Propane Retailer to me is being more than just a ‘propane company.’ We try to be leaders in innovation with technology, safety, culture, industry knowledge and, most importantly, ensuring that our customer experience is leading the way and changing how customers view our industry.”

So as you peruse this year’s rankings, keep in mind that gallon sales reflect just one measure of these companies’ commitment to the propane industry.

See who made the list, ranked by 2022 retail propane gallon sales:

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