Wireless tank monitoring system, mobile app

February 4, 2016 By    

Centeron_AppCenteron, a division of Schneider Electric, developed the Centeron Encompass, a comprehensive wireless tank management system. Components of the system include advanced RF tank monitors and gateways, Centeron WebView and a mobile app. According to the company, these components provide propane retailers with insight and information to increase operational efficiencies and reduce delivery costs. The Centeron Encompass RF tank monitor offers up-to-date inventory data via Web-based applications, giving clients information they need to make business decisions. Centeron Encompass monitors integrate a “poll now” capability to let clients check tank levels at any time. The monitors detect set-point crossings fast so users can receive tank information in a timely manner. Multiple sensing technologies on the Centeron Encompass RF tank monitor make the readings more accurate. The tool is easy to install and comes with extended battery life, the company says. Additionally, the product includes a tank monitoring app for iPhone and Android. With the app, users can poll tanks from phones and tablets, receiving data readings from tank monitors for instant and accurate information.

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