2018 LP Gas Rising Leader: Allison Platz

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Essentials: Age 31; marketing manager for Delta Liquid Energy in Paso Robles, California.

Years in the propane industry: 1.5

How did you get your start in the propane industry?

Officially, I have been involved with Delta Liquid Energy and the propane industry for almost two years. However, I have propane “running through my veins,” as the saying goes. I have been blessed with an opportunity to step into a role that not only allows me to continue to build upon a company that my family has worked very hard to grow over the last 80 years, but the role also allows me to utilize the marketing skills I acquired while earning my degree and during my previous work experiences.

What is your vision for growing your company and how can you make that vision become a reality?

With regards to expansion into other markets, I feel a strong presence in autofuel will be crucial for our company to continue to be successful in the future. Given that we are a California-based company, the winters in some of our markets are not nearly as harsh as other parts of the country, so it’s important for us to have a strong foothold in a market that provides year-round sales. This vision will require a collective effort within our internal team and the propane industry as a whole. I look forward to assisting in the education of fleet managers, lawmakers and all others who have a vested interest in using a cleaner burning, economically efficient fuel. Customer retention and referrals are also essential growth opportunities. We’ve found that word-of-mouth advertising has been invaluable for us, and we encourage our current customers to continue to refer their friends and neighbors. It is important for us to maintain the personalized, local customer service we are known for. Many of our customers know their local Delta Liquid Energy representatives by name, and I feel our team does an excellent job of putting the customer first. I look forward to continuing to foster the importance of customer relationships with our team members as we grow as a company.

How can the propane industry prosper in the coming years?

Our industry will prosper if we continue to embrace new uses for our fuel, continue to work together to educate our legislatures about the benefits of propane, and are diligent in recruiting new talent. Propane is a contender when it comes to engine fuel and it’s important that we are part of any conversation surrounding environmentally friendly fuel options. Also, as our industry continues to grow and industry veterans begin to retire, we must be forward-thinking about how we will attract qualified people to fill positions because without a workforce we will not be able to survive.

In order to prosper in the coming years, the propane industry must continue to embrace new uses for its fuel, Platz says. Photo Courtesy of Delta Liquid Energy

What does your generation offer to the propane industry that previous generations did not?

I think, as many millennials will attest, our ability to embrace ever-changing technology is a great asset we bring to the table. As our world grows and evolves, technology continues to become an incremental part of all of our lives and it must also become a part of our businesses. I also feel that our willingness to adapt to change will help move the industry forward – our ability to acknowledge that just because something has been done one way for many years doesn’t mean it must continue to be done in that fashion forever and our understanding that the core values of the propane industry can still be achieved even though we may create new processes to achieve them.

What specific technologies are you using (or plan to use) to support business operations?

Part of the Delta Liquid Energy mindset has always been to adopt technology to help our business run more efficiently – creating a strong online presence; using digital routing systems and tank monitors to maintain a streamlined fuel delivery process; and providing digital reporting to our fleet customers are just a few ways that we’ve implemented technology to enhance our business. In 2017, we implemented a new CRM software and we are now able to better track leads as they turn into customers. We are also working to reduce our paper waste throughout our company by encouraging digital communication internally via email, online chat features and scanners.

What propane industry associations are you involved with at the state and/or national level?

I am a part of the Women in Propane group, the United Propane AutoGas Solutions (UPAS) group, and I attend the Western and National Propane Gas Association’s board meetings on a regular basis.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself, your company and/or the propane industry?

I feel very fortunate to be embraced by an industry that takes pride in the product and the people who help service/sell that product. The camaraderie and work ethic I’ve seen from my mentors in the propane industry thus far make me encouraged to be a part of the next generation.

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